Public Library & Resource Center

In 1995, when the Allagash Consolidated School was finally closed due to decreasing enrollment, a public auction was held and much of the school property was sold. In December of 1998, when it was discovered that the books in the school library had not been part of the auction, a few volunteers decided that the library should be opened to the public.

Since it used by adults as well as children, the decision was made to appeal for help in getting newer and better books for the public to use. The response was tremendous. Book lovers from all over the St. John Valley donated some of their most precious possessions to help fill the shelves of the new public library. Some folks from as far away as New Hampshire, responded with great additions for our readers. There were also anonymous donations sent through the mail to help with expenses.all5

M.S.A.D. #10 began to notice what was happening and they voted to buy 2 computers and hire an Educational Technician 111 to work with the school children in town. This would allow the students to have access to computers and to help with their schoolwork since they are so far from their schools in St. Francis and Fort Kent. With the technician spending 15-20 hours a week in the library, allows the volunteers to be there at different time and making the library materials more accessible to everyone.