The Allagash Historical Society was founded on April 9,1975 by a group of people under the leadership of Edith Kelly who continues as the president of the Society today. A committee was formed, officers and directors were chosen, and the Society was established as a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of preserving the history of the town of Allagash and its people.

A museum was built on the banks of the St. John River in the section of the town known as Dickey. Later another building was erected in the same area. This was built to display larger pieces of historical materials.hist1

The work of the Society is handled mainly by volunteers, but in 1999, a part-time employee was hired to organize the displays, categorize and update donated articles so they can be viewed more easily by the public.

Finances come from various fund-raisers, grants, dues, and the townspeople appropriate a certain amount each year to cover the insurance of the buildings. The museum is open to the public on weekends during the summer months but it can be made available at other time by contacting members of the Society. The members of the Allagash Historical Society would like to welcome everyone to visit the museum when they are in the area or call us at (207) 398-3335/3347.